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Basketball 15" LCD TV

With design concepts revolving around the shape of a basketball, "HANNS basketball" expands your imagination about technology with a genuine basketball leather cladding. The ball-shaped display can rotate 90 degrees, like a rolling basketball; it is truly an ingenious combination of functionality and shape design that amusingly offers both portrait and landscape screen modes. Hannspree Xm-S series theme design LCD display models bring humour and amusement to your daily life, a priority for basketball fans.

  • A complete list of Finals Champions embossed on the leather provides NBA history and collectible value.
  • A basketball shaped TV doubles the action in the game.
  • Authentic basketball leather is a sporty new textile for TV surface material.
Manufactured in 2009 - Okay, so it's not particularly retro, but it's a great conversation piece !!!

Date of Manufacture: 2009

Quantity Available: 1

Working Condition: Working

Physical Condition: Very Good


Original Box: Yes

Basketball 15" LCD TV Prop For Hire