Shelly (The Big Stack of Tellies) 

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Shelly (The Big Stack of Tellies)

Shelly is a left hand end stack of televisions. It uses 12 vintage CRT televisions some of which are colour and some are black and white.

It stands 2m high and 1.26m wide and comes complete with a wooded scaffold that allows the TVs to be stacked safely.

The televisions stack with a straight edge on the right hand side and an angular edge on the left hand side.

The support structure is built specifically to fit these televisions so we are unable to supply this in any different configuration. However, we can create custom builds for you if required.

The following video shows this stack and the 'Cherry' stack in use together to create one stack :




Date of Manufacture: Unknown

Quantity Available: 1

Shelly (The Big Stack of Tellies) Prop For Hire