Military Laptop - LX1 Liaison Wotan 

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Military Laptop - LX1 Liaison Wotan

The Liaison Wotan LX1 Computer made by European Data Systems in 1995.

It's in the standrard army green colour and metal cased. A VERY heavy duty system!

It has detachable keyboard with inbuilt trackball. There is a security seal on the keyboard with 'Iarrcis Tempest Seal' and another label on it with 'Keyboard Data Entry, Iarrcis, European Data Systems LXI'.

The screen is a 10" LCD screen and next to the screen are LED's for Power, DC Good, Low Battery, SCSI HDD. The screen hinge mechanism has to be seen to be believed, you will NEVER EVER beak it !!!
The hard disk has been removed for data security so this machine is non-practical.
We have two of these machines and a separate CD-ROM data box in similar green heavy duty casing.

Date of Manufacture: 1995

Quantity Available: 2

Working Condition: Non Practical
Physical Condition: Good
Original Box: No

Military Laptop - LX1 Liaison Wotan Prop For Hire