Toshiba T3100e - Eighties Laptop 

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Toshiba T3100e - Eighties Laptop

The Toshiba T3100e was released in 1988 and was powered by a 12MHz 80286 CPU. It had 1MB RAM and a 20MB hard disk drive.

The Toshiba T3100 display was a 9.6" monochrome orange gas plasma panel capable of displaying in hi-res mode, and other low-res modes.
Our model is a great example of an eighties 'luggable' computer and comes complete with mains cable and Toshiba soft carrying case.
We have 3 of these machines and a couple of others in the same range.
Dimensions : 31cm wide, 37cm deep, 9cm tall (closed), 33cm tall (opened)

Date of Manufacture: 1988

Quantity Available: 3

Working Condition: working
Physical Condition: Good
Original Box: Cary Case

Toshiba T3100e - Eighties Laptop Prop For Hire