Retro CRT Video Walls

Pure Energy is the UKs leading supplier of CRT Video Walls and monitor stacks. Whether your looking for 4 screens or 400 screens we can design and build a CRT video wall to suit your aesthetic. We have a number of 28" CRT Video Wall monitors available to hire as well as the control equipment required. We also have large LCD screens available to construct a video wall using more modern but still retro LCD Video Walls. We use professional broadcast monitors to build our monitor walls and can arrange them in a wide variety of ways.

Our in-house designed system can playback synchronised video on retro CRT based screens. It can take modern 4K footage and split it across multiple screens with frame accurate timing whilst retaining the overall resolution! Each of the channels can be fed to multiple screens to create larger installations with repeated content. We specialise in designing CRT screen installations that can be filmed using genlock to achieve rock solid results.

CRT Video Walls / Monitor Walls

We can also create monitor stacks using professional video monitors. We use JVC CRT monitors which can be stacked in a repeatable fashion. We have 10", 14", 17", 19", 20" and 28" monitors. Click on each screen for their full specifications.

  JVC Professional Monitor JVC TM-2100 Broadcast Video Monitor
10" CRT Monitor
Size (cm): 35w x 33h x 40d
Weight : 15.5Kg
Power : 0.6A
Qty : 60
14" CRT Monitor
Size (cm): 35w x 33h x 40d
Weight : 15.5Kg
Power : 0.6A
Qty : 16
17" CRT Monitor
Size (cm): 40w x 34h x 43d
Weight : 17.2Kg
Power : 0.6A
Qty: 200
Monitor Stack - Video Monitor 28
19" CRT Monitor
Size (cm): 39.5w x 33h x 42d
Weight : 25.1Kg
Power : 0.7A
Qty : 8
20" CRT Monitor
Size (cm): 48w x 41h x 50d
Weight : 35.5Kg
Power : 0.72A
Qty : 12
28" CRT Monitor
Size (cm): 59.5w x 47h x 51d
Weight : 39.2Kg
Power : 0.6A
Qty : 20






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