Retro Video Walls

We can supply a range of monitor stacks and CRT video walls to suit your aesthetic. We have a number of 28" CRT Video Wall monitors available to hire as well as the control equipment required. We also have large LCD screens available to construct a video wall using more modern but still retro LCD Video Walls. We use professional broadcast monitors to build our monitor walls and can arrange them in a wide variety of ways.

Monitor Walls

We can also create monitor stacks using professional video monitors. We use JVC CRT monitors which can be stacked in a repeatable fashion. We have 14", 17" and 20" monitors. Click on each screen for their full specifications.

  JVC Professional Monitor JVC TM-2100 Broadcast Video Monitor
9" CRT Monitor
Size (cm): 35w x 33h x 40d
Weight : 15.5Kg
Power : 0.6A
Qty : 40
14" CRT Monitor
Size (cm): 35w x 33h x 40d
Weight : 15.5Kg
Power : 0.6A
Qty : 16
17" CRT Monitor
Size (cm): 40w x 34h x 43d
Weight : 17.2Kg
Power : 0.6A
Qty: 76
Monitor Stack - Video Monitor 28  
20" CRT Monitor
Size (cm): 48w x 41h x 50d
Weight : 35.5Kg
Power : 0.72A
Qty : 12
28" CRT Monitor
Size (cm): 59.5w x 47h x 51d
Weight : 39.2Kg
Power : 0.6A
Qty : 9






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