Control Panel Prop Hire

We are able to design and build specific control panels to your requirements, from home-made 'mad-inventor' sytle panels to professional installations. Lights can be made to flash, screens can show specific information or take video feeds from a specific source.

The pictures below give you an idea of what can be done and these panels are still available for further use or incorporation into a larger project. Please contact us for more detail ...

Control Panels 18 Digit LED Display PanelControl Panels 6 Digit LED PanelControl Panels Drake Control Panel
18 Digit LED Display Panel6 Digit LED PanelDrake Control Panel
Control Panels Military Control PanelControl Panels Push Button PanelControl Panels SA Series Lighting Control Panel
Military Control PanelPush Button PanelSA Series Lighting Control Panel
Control Panels Studio Equipment - 2 Racks Control Panels Switches and Lights PanelControl Panels Tantel Data Adaptor
Studio Equipment - 2 Racks Switches and Lights PanelTantel Data Adaptor